Your privacy is important.
Nerologix does not sell, loan or rent any personal information such as your name, phone number, e-mail address or address to any third party. Information is only shared with those of whom the information is intended for.

Collection of information:

Statistical Data is collected from the usage of this website using Google Analytics. It is only used for improving the website.

Personal Data is collected from various forms provided throughout the website. Each form sends the ‘entered’ or ‘submitted’ information to its specified system administrator.

Control and Use of information:

All information passing through this website is not sold to anyone and is only available to a select few whom the information is intended for. These people are website administrators who use this information to improve the website.

Use of browser cookies and other means of tracking:

What are browser cookies? This website uses a browser cookie to store log-in information for the members only section. It will expire when you close your browser or log-out. A second browser cookie (third party) is stored by Google Analytics for statistical data mentioned previously.

Changes to this policy:

Website administrators will make changes to this privacy policy as necessary. You may or may not be informed of the changes. Any changes made to this policy are in the best interest of this website, staff, members and it’s visitors. If you have any questions or would like something added to this privacy policy please contact us.